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Focus On – New Members Section

Stefan Ashwell 26th April 2016 Comments 2 mins read

Amongst this month’s updates you will notice your members section has had a complete overhaul. Let’s have a look at what’s changed and why:

Splitting “Events You’re Attending” and “Events You’re Running”

The first major change is that Events You’re Attending and Events You’re Running now have their own dedicated sections. This should make it clearer where to find what you’re looking for. You can now gain a little more control over your events too with the option to Delete if required.

Wallet, Sales & Withdrawals

This is probably the biggest update in the member’s section – your “Wallet”. This section is mainly for event organisers who are selling tickets using out ticketing system, it’s now one easy centralised place where you can keep track of your ticket sales, how much is in your account and requesting a withdrawal when you need it.

Profile Pictures

Another new feature are profile pictures. You can now upload a picture to identify yourself on Tiebreak.

Email Preferences

In an effort to keep everybody up to date with what’s happening on Tiebreak, we’ll be sending out periodical emails giving you a run down of what’s going on (most of you reading this probably came from our April update email!). If you’d prefer not to receive these you can untick the appropriate box in this section. You’ll also find the option to stop balance updates too, and in future any other alerts or emails you might want to opt out of will be included here.


“What is this TRS ID?” I hear you cry! Quite simply, it’s a unique number that identifies you on Tiebreak. TRS stands for the Tiebreak Ranking System, but it’s not just used for rankings, your TRS ID is a way for us to ensure that anything on Tiebreak that relates to you and should be in your account is in there for you.

That’s about it for the new members section, thanks for reading!

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