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June Updates

Stefan Ashwell 1st July 2016 Comments 2 mins read

The last couple of months have seen fairly substantial updates put in place, and while there are a number of big updates on the way, they are all work in progress for now.

Therefore this month’s update brings a lot of smaller updates and bug fixes, a list of which is below:

  • Email communication tool (Read KB guide)
  • Player registrations (Read KB guide)
  • Custom factions feature is now in place (Read KB guide)
  • Changes to scoring methods
    • Choosing your event type has been redesigned slightly
    • Changed the way default scoring methods work, now when you select a scoring method and do not customise it, your event will use a centralised scoring preset. If you select to customise your scoring you will then be using scoring unique to your event
    • “Difference” field type now allows you to select the fields you want to calculate a difference between
    • New “Sum” field type, allows you to choose 2 fields to add together
    • New “Opponent Score” field type, allows you to select a field to mirror from the opponent’s scores
    • Read KB guide on scoring methods
  • When an event has passed it’s end date it’s status now automatically changes to “Finished”
  • When an event has finished the final standings is now the first page shown
  • You can now select from a list of attendees when adding players to convention events
  • Unique event URL checker is now in place
  • Moved “Order History” to Wallet and renamed “Purchases”
  • Renamed “Payment Methods” to “Withdrawal Methods” for clarity
  • Bug Fix: TO screen header no longer overlays the members dropdown menu
  • Bug Fix: Game system is now correctly saved when creating a new event
  • Bug Fix: Adding a player to a team in team events now functions as expected
  • Bug Fix: The system will no longer show minus numbers of tickets available
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a display issue on some tablets on event search

There are some exciting new features on their way next month so keep your eyes peeled. In the mean time – get rolling those dice!

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