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Tiebreak is changing! Exciting times ahead!

Stefan Ashwell 8 months ago Comments 2 mins read

This year celebrates Tiebreak’s 6th Birthday! It’s crazy to think the little system I created to help me run my events all those years ago has grown into what it is today.

Since it’s original launch, over 1100 events have been run using Tiebreak, and over 43,000 games have been played at those events. That such an insane number considering Tiebreak has really been in a perpetual “beta” state this whole time!

Over the years Tiebreak has expanded with lots of new features. Full team event support, a secure ticket sales platform, reserve lists, email communication tools, army lists and much more. Unfortunately, however, as it’s only myself in the driving seat building, testing and launching all of these features, some of them have never made it to a full release and require manual set up, and a lot of ideas have simply never left the to-do list.

Around 3 years ago now I embarked on a huge undertaking – much larger than I’d anticipated at the time. I began rebuilding Tiebreak from the ground up. As I mentioned, Tiebreak was built initially as a small event management tool for me to run my own events. It adapted and evolved over the years into the system you see today, however, those “small system” design decisions implemented at the very start of the project have creaked over the years and required some patching up. Even if it was just for my own sanity, I knew in order to elevate Tiebreak to the next level a big change was required.

And now, after hundreds of hours of coding, a features list as long as my arm and countless late nights the time is nearly here to unleash the new Tiebreak on the wargaming community.

There’s still some coding to go, some features to build out and some testing to be completed etc. However, the new system is in a position now that I feel confident in announcing its presence!

So what can you expect from the future of Tiebreak? Over the coming weeks, you will see a number of articles on this blog showing off the new features. I won’t go into everything now, but here’s a taste of what you can expect:

  • Support for over 30 different game systems
  • Many more, and improved, pairing algorithms
  • Many more customisation options for your event
  • Support for event schedules, rules packs, scenarios and event galleries
  • Tablet and mobile support for event management
  • Improved statistics on your event
  • Winners generation
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Re-designed event management interface

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

I’m super excited to show you all the new features and everything I’ve been working on for such a long time. Make sure you check back here regularly to see all the previews and follow Tiebreak on Facebook and Twitter to ensure you don’t miss any of them!

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