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Tiebreak 2.0: Keeping up to date with events

Stefan Ashwell 13th July 2018 Comments 2 mins read

I have another preview for you today of the upcoming changes to Tiebreak. This time I’m going to have a look at changes around the news feed for events.

On the face of it, it’s not the most exciting of features. It’s where you get the latest and greatest before, during and after an event. However in reality, once an¬†event is underway the feed has typically become swamped by results from the event. While these are obviously important updates to know about, I felt improvements could be made to the news feed system as a whole to make it a more pleasant and social experience for everyone.

What’s Changed?

Therefore I’ve introduced a bunch of new features. Firstly, you’ll notice game results are styled differently from other updates. They’re smaller so they don’t take up as much space and swamp the screen.

You can also filter the feed using the navigation on the left. If you just want to see results or news you can do just that.

Next, everything posted on the news feed can be liked and commented on by Tiebreak members. This makes the news feed a much more social experience.

Finally, it’s not just text-based¬†updates that can be posted now, images, video content and file uploads can be added to the feed too!

Event Organisers

Of course, as an event organiser, you can manage all of this in the event management system. You can post updates, reply to comments and disable social features if you so wish.

And to make life easier for you, Tiebreak will post important updates to the news feed for you. Game results, round pairings, photo uploads, ticket release dates etc.

I hope you’ll agree that these changes are a great improvement to the event experience overall. More next time!

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