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Tiebreak 2.0: Super-powered event search

Stefan Ashwell 5th October 2018 Comments 2 mins read

On the Tiebreak 2.0 project, I have most recently been working on our event search.

As you may be aware, Tiebreak’s event search allows you to find upcoming events in your area, along with looking back in time and finding events that have been run over the past 5 years or so.

Well, an overhaul of Tiebreak also means an overhaul of the search. Not only to be many times more efficient from a technical standpoint, but also easier for everyone to useĀ and understand.

And so, here is a preview of how the event search is looking. I’ve added some numbers to the image so I can explain each section below.

  1. Right at the top, you have a big search bar so you can search for events by name. Nice and easy if you quickly want to find a specific event!
  2. To the left-hand side of the results, we have a filter bar. This can be hidden so there’s more space for events.
  3. Events can be listed in a grid format or a list using these buttons. You can control the ordering here too if you want to switch to an alphabetical list or the oldest first for example.
  4. Searching by location is still here, and once you’ve typed a location you can choose a radius to search within too.
  5. You can filter by specific game systems. This list changes based on other filters you’ve set so you only have the options that are available at that time.
  6. Similar to the game system filter, you can filter by event type too. This list also updates on the fly based on other filters you’ve set.
  7. Along with searching within a date range, there are some quick options included here so you can quickly choose common date ranges like “this month” or “last month”.
  8. You can set a minimum and maximum ticket price range to search by too.
  9. The spaces remaining filter allows you to quickly see which events are about to sell out.
  10. Events are listed with their cover images and important information nice and clear.
  11. “Liking” events, similar to the current “Favourites” feature, so you can keep up to date on an event and it’s developments.
  12. Ticketing information is listed at the bottom of the event listing so you can see clearly the cost and how many spaces are remaining.

Lots to take in, and still subject to change as I continue to work on this and the rest of the system, but I hope you agree this is a massive improvement on the current search.

Also, if you like this approach of going through the features I’ll be doing more of them with different sections of the site to show new features and changes.

This weekend is the Warmachine & Hordes UK Nationals and I’ll be there on the data entry desk crunching the results – if you fancy a chat about the new features, feel free to come and have a chat!

Until next time…

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