Announcing the Tiebreak Player Companion Mobile App

Stefan Ashwell 4th September 2019 Comments 2 mins read

That’s right. It’s been a long time coming. I can finally announce the brand spanking new Tiebreak Player Companion Mobile App. It’s available right now on iOS and Android!

What is the app?

The Tiebreak Player Companion App gives you as an attendee of an event a greatly improved Tiebreak experience. With a fresh, slick new design (I’ve not simply taken the existing mobile website and wrapped it up in a mobile app!) every part of the event experience has been carefully considered.

From managing your attendee information to viewing live standings and results, finding new events to viewing your event history. Keeping up to date with events is now easier than ever before.

What can I do on the app?

Here’s a quick list of features you’ll find in the app (although this isn’t an exhaustive list):

  • Native mobile app experience – giving you features such as pull to refresh and a much quicker experience
  • Your own personal feed – all updates relevant to you appear in your feed, such as your game results and event announcements from events you attend
  • See events you’re attending, your history and events you’re running are available from the slide in menu on the left hand side
  • Search for events by keyword, date range, game system, type and location
  • View an event’s information including the feed, standings, round pairings and attendees
  • Search for an attendee on the attendees page and search within a round for specific games
  • View attendee information – their game results and lists
  • An event’s standings and game scores will automatically update on screen – no need to refresh
  • If you are attending an event, your game will be highlighted at the top of the round pairings. Plus you are highlighted in the standings so you can easily see your progress
  • Before an event you can manage your entry details
  • Receive push notifications of event updates including announcements, your results and round pairings

What else is planned?

For this initial release the app is purely a player companion for keeping up to date with events. This means there are a lot of features on the Tiebreak website that are not included. Do not despair however! Moving forward I’ll be working to implement more and more features into the Tiebreak app. In no particular order here’s a non-extensive list of what I have planned:

  • Ability to follow players at an event and be kept up to date with their progress
  • Ticket purchasing
  • All account management features
  • Creating and running events

This is an exciting time, and I hope you enjoy using the Tiebreak app at events you attend. I am but one man however, so if you do notice something that’s not quite right or maybe have a suggestion please do get in touch on!

Now what are you waiting for? Go download now:


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